When a Loved One is Missing the first thing we do is call 911

They contact busy law enforcement and post some information on the billboards………..(not good)

CLUES INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES, LLC, responds to your needs and conducts an organized search utilizing every available resource.

Clues KEEPS YOU UPDATED, and starts from where your Loved One was last seen. Clues utilizes specific social media in your local area, posting photos and messages to cellular phones and social media friends, etc.

In addition your Licensed Private Investigator has a Bloodhound that is deployed for ground searches. Please take a moment out of your busy lifestyle and ask yourself  “who do we call, when the unthinkable happens?”

The first call should be to 911 – your second call is to: CLUES and we respond!

Clues works with Individual Family Members, as well as organizations and groups related to ALZHEIMER & DEMENTIA. If you have a person you care about and may be at risk of wandering, don’t delay, call Clues today!

Private group meetings are available as well as home visits to enroll in our affordable program. During the visit we collect our investigative tools such as Social Media Contacts as well as Family & Friends telephone numbers and photos of the person you care about.

Clues supplies you, ( The Client) a Unique ID Number, that references your Loved One’s information.

CALL TODAY TO JOIN OUR GROWING CLIENT LIST.   South Florida (321) 408-6845